Leveraging your business through service design, data science
and technologies to build up a data-driven organization.
Who we are
We are technical boutique building our own products and having passion to intensify your team, employing our elastic development approach.

Our tight-knit team of seasoned professionals with 18+ years of experience in product development aimed to deliver in time with proper quality and convenient budget.

Engage our team to boost your ability to execute in fitting time.
Our advantages
We believe in Lean and take advantage of Agile to keep time to market short, quickly validate product hypotheses via A/B testing, liftoff your MVP or modernize vNext.
The clients say they appreciate our attitude of responsibility, transparency of the process and GTD culture of full-stack developers.
We glad to keep clients happy and meet expectations so we employ continuous delivery with automated testing to build products with stable embedded quality.
Tell us your expectations and we are to devise suitable practice.
Our contacts
Phone: +7 921 8552374